Funny Bunnies Apparel FAQs

What is Funny Bunnies Apparel?

Funny Bunnies Apparel is an Ottawa-based, made-in-Canada clothier. 

What types of clothing does Funny Bunnies Apparel make?

All of Funny Bunnies Apparel clothing is handmade for people of all ages.

What types of fabric does Funny Bunnies Apparel use?

Funny Bunnies Apparel purchases fabrics from Canadian suppliers. We use a variety of high-quality fabrics made with cotton, rayon, or bamboo.

What is Made-to-Measure clothing?

Funny Bunnies Apparel made-to-measure clothing is handmade clothing customized to an individual's body measurements. The customized sizing means it will fit how you want it to fit. 

Shipping Costs

Free Delivery in the Ottawa area above $100. Flat rate shipping within Canada.